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Great Prayer Day wheat buns

Great Prayer Day and hot wheat buns

Hot wheat buns with butter and jam. Great Prayer Day is a Danish festival falling on the fourth Friday after Easter and since 1686 Great Prayer Day was been a National holiday. Originally the day was meant to be spent on prayers and by law all trade and work was forbidden that day. The day […]

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Danish christmas dessert

Danish Christmas dessert no. 1

Should you ever visit Denmark at Christmas time, you are bound to try the Danish Christmas dessert Risalamande. Risalamande is a dessert made of rice pudding, whipped cream, vanilla and almonds, and it is served in every home on Christmas Eve. Recipe for Risalamande. The word Risalamande originates from the French term Riz a l’amande […]

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Cooking school Market Tour in Bologna

Cooking School in Italy

We all know and love Italian dishes like lasagne, spaghetti with meat sauce, minestrone and tiramisu but, depending on the contents in the kitchen garden, cupboards and fridge, the end result varies from time to time. Not saying the result is anything but good, but it might not be as the Italians intended. I have […]

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