Chervil in bloom


Chervil is an importent herb to French cuisine and one of four traditional herbs used in fines herbes along with parsley, chives and terragon. It tastes a bit like parsley but with a more licorice-like flavour.

Chervil is easily recognized by its small feathery leaves and white umbels. Even though you can use the flowers, the herb is primarily grown for its leaves which can be harvested when the plant is quite small. When in bloom the plant will reach a hight of 30-60 cm.

Chervil in bloom

Chervil is hardy and can survive tbe winter, still growing that is. That is also the reason why chervil is one of the first herbs to be harvested in spring. The plant is annual.

Chervil thrives in shade and on a moist location. Big differences in temperature or the lack of water make the plant bolt. For that reason, grow chervil during the coolest part of growing season.

Re-sow chervil periodically or let some of the plants bolt to produce fresh plants. Chervil is difficult to transplant so sow directly on location.

Botanical name: Anthriscus cerefolium

Type: Hardy annual

Best location: Shade or partly shade

Propagation: Seed

Soil: Fertile and moist

How to use: Use chervil like parsley, to garnish, in salads, vinaigrettes or sauces but add in the last minute. It will loose its fine flavour if cooked for more than a few minutes. Perfect with fish, seafood, chicken, omelets, herb butter and mixed salats.


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