Asparagus with beurre noisette, herbs and hazelnut

White asparagus with beurre noisette, fresh herbs and hazelnut – A beautiful Spring starter and a delicious way to serve asparagus. The nutty flavours and delicate herbs go really well with white asparagus.

White asparagus is commonly used in the Northern part of Europe and extensively used in Danish cuisine. It is served in many restaurants in May and June and people long for the delicious vegetable in early spring. The season is quite short and maybe that is why we find it so fascinating.

White asparagus has a more delicate flavour than green asparagus and is, in Denmark, considered more desirable but many recipes exist for both varieties.

White asparagus has a tough skin and needs to be peeled before eating. The end of a white asparagus is quite woody and cannot be eaten but save the end for a vegetable stock or a sauce.

You can remove the woody end with a knife but a better way is to hold the asparagus firmly towards the end and bend until it breaks naturally. This way, you are sure to remove all of the woody part.

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