Aubergine and hummus salad

Grilled aubergine and hummus salad with pomegranate, mint and pistachios – a salad inspired by the flavours of the Middle-East.

The beautiful grilled aubergine is soft and pliable, the hummus smooth and creamy, the pistachios crunchy and the pomegranates feel like small tasty explosions in the mouth. A dish that goes really well with grilled lamb or chicken. Perfect when it is summer and the grill is hot.

Cook the chickpeas according to the instructions on the package or use canned chickpeas. Canned chickpeas are great if you are in a hurry and there are plenty of fine canned goods on the market. I always keep a few cans in my larder, making it really easy to do a quick hummus.

Remember, if you choose to cook the chickpeas yourself, they need to soak in water minimum 12 hours before cooking.

Serve the hummus salad with flatbread.

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