Aubergine rolls with zucchini and red pepper

Aubergine rolls with ricotta, zucchini, sweet pepper, basil and pine nuts. A beautiful dish full of colours and flavours. Perfect when it is summer and the garden is full of herbs, peppers, aubergines and zucchini.

Here the vegetables are pan fried but you can grill them as well, making it a really quick dish when the grill is turned on anyway for roasting meat or fish. Grill the sweet peppers as well or roast them over open fire.

I prefer the aubergine and zucchini slightly golden and very tender. I find the flavours more subtle and fit for the ricotta mix, than the flavours of hard-roasted vegetables but roast them to any colour you like.

The aubergine rolls are best when made just before serving but if you find yourself in lack of time and in need to plan ahead, roast the vegetables and pine nuts a few hours before your guests arrive. Just before serving, add the ricotta mix and make the rolls.


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