Blini with lumpfish roe

Blini with lumpfish roe, creme fraiche, red onion and dill is a delicate appetizer or starter only served in the spring, when the lumpfish roe is in season.

Blini is traditionally served with caviar but lumpfish roe is a very delicious and much cheaper alternative.

Lumpfish roe is widely used in Scandinavian cuisine, and we Danes call the roe Danish Caviar. The taste is very delicate, a faint taste of the ocean, and the roe feels like tiny, exploding bubbles on your tongue. The season for fresh lumpfish roe is very short, only 4-6 weeks in Denmark. Maybe that is why we love it so much.

The blini can be made ahead of time. Cook the blini, let them cool completely and put them in the freezer. If you put the blini in the freezer on a wire rack, you are able to stack them in a plastic bag within a few hours.

If the blini with lumpfish roe is served for a special occasion, serve it with a nice champagne or dry, sparkling wine.

What to know more about lumpfish roe, read the post Season for fresh lumpfish roe.

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