Cured salmon with garden weeds

Cured salmon with a salad of fresh herbs and garden weeds, served with a split sauce made of cream and dill oil. A beautiful and colourful dish full of spring flavours.

Cured salmon is really easy to make and perfect when you want to spend time with your guests instead of being in the kitchen. Cure the fish 8-12 hours in advance. You can cure it for longer, e.g. the day before, but I like a bit of rawness. This way the salmon gets a sushi-feel to it.

Herbs like chervil, chive, dill and tarragon go really well with fish and seafood but use any herb you like.

Pick the garden weeds when they are still small and delicate. I have used ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria), dandelion leaves and flowers, pansies and violets but you can use chickweed (Stellaria media) and nettles as well.

The most important thing about using garden weeds is that you only pick from areas away from traffic and animals, wash thoroughly and, finally, make sure you know your weeds. You don’t want to get sick eating the wrong kind. Any of the above mentioned are really easy to identify.

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