Danish hash

Danish hash is one of my favorite dishes, when it comes to using leftover food, and it is made of only three ingredients: Onion and leftover meat and potatoes. The Danish word is ‘biksemad’ which roughly translates into ‘tossed together food’. Traditionally Danish hash is made of pork, often a roast pork, but any kind of meat will do e.g. beef, veal and lamb.

The trick, when making a Danish hash, is to cook the onion long enough to make it sweet and the potatoes long enough to get a brown and crisp surface. However, the meat should not be overcooked, since it becomes dry and boring.

Most Danes dice the onions but I like to use them in halves or quarters. This way the dish looks prettier and the taste of sweet onion is more distinct.

Always service Danish hash with tomato ketchup, a fried egg, pickled beetroot and Worcestershire sauce. If you want to, you can use Tabasco sauce as well.

Some Danes omit the ketchup/beetroot part and serve it with Bearnaise sauce but it depends on which part of the country, you are coming from.

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