Danish meatballs

Danish meatballs are known all over the world, and for many decades meatballs has been the Danish National dish.

They are eaten for lunch on rye bread with pickled red cabbage or with a potato salad. At dinner time Danish meatballs are usually served with potato salad or with boiled potatoes, a sauce and sweet and sour vegetables like pickled beetroot or gherkins. They are perfect for a picnic or buffet and children love them.

Danes have been eaten meatballs, or Frikadeller in Danish, for many hundreds of years. Denmark being an agricultural country with lots of pigs, we Danes have always been fond of pork meat.

Traditionally, Danish meatballs are made of minced pork but can be found with a bit of veal or beef as well.

Every family has got their own version of meatballs and there are thousands of recipes. This recipe is quite basic but you can vary it any way you like. You can add a bit of bread crumbs, oatmeal or fresh herbs.

The correct size of a meatball is always up for discussion. Some want them really large, others prefer them quite small. I like mine to be the size of an egg or a bit smaller.

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