Fried rice

Fried rice comes in many varieties and the ingredients differ from country to country and city to city. But no matter where it is from, fried rice is a beautiful dish. Easy to make and suited for both children and adults.

I had this type of fried rice for the first time in Thailand 15 years ago. I was in Thailand for three months and I had fried rice for dinner every other evening. I loved it and still do.

This recipe is from the Phra Nang Peninsula in Southern Thailand. Since being street food I was always able to sit right next to the kitchen/wok and I remember taking notes in my notebook whenever I had the chance.

In Thailand fried rice is usually unseasoned when served. That allows you to season to your taste. In Thailand you get to choose from fish sauce (saltiness and umami), rice vinegar (sourness), sugar (sweetness) and chili powder adding heat to your dish. The lime adds bitterness. A few slices of cold cucumber feel cooling on your tongue, especially if you used too much chili powder.

You can make fried rice with only vegetables but chicken, beef or prawns are widely used. Originally this recipe was made with Chinese broccoli but that is impossible to get a hold of when living in a rural district, I use spinach instead.

Remember, fried rice should always be made with cold rice. A perfect way to use leftovers.

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