Hot wheat buns

Hot wheat buns are a special kind of bun made only around Great Prayer Day and for about 150 years Danes have been eating them the night before this Christian day. Read this post about Great Prayer Day if you want to know the story about the hot wheat buns and why Danes are eating them.

Many Danes buy the buns at supermarkets or bakeries but they really are quite easy to make and taste way better. There are hundreds of recipes for hot wheat buns. This is mine. Hope you like it.

The wheat buns has a bit of ground cardamom in them. A spice often used in cakes and cookies in Denmark but rarely in bread. This makes the taste special, in a good way, and we Danes love eating them once a year.

Serve the buns hot and crisp with loads of cold butter and a good jam. If any leftovers, freeze them for up to 3 months.

I like to use flour with a protein content around 10% for these wheat buns. This helps to make the buns light and airy. The flour is usually known as All-Purpose flour but the protein content can vary.

The amount of flour in this recipe is not exact. I usually use around 500 g but it all depends on the type of flour, humidity and so on.

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