Hoummus is a Middle Eastern dip made of chickpeas. Smooth, creamy and often served as a part of an Arab meze along with tabouleh and baba ghanoush.

The taste of cumin, lemon and tahini paste takes you straight to the Middle East, and I will always remember the first time I had it in Dubai in company of good friends.

A hoummus is really easy to make and it takes no time, if you remember to soak the chickpeas the night before. Are you in a hurry use canned chickpeas instead, and always have a can of chickpeas in your larder or cupboard. This way you are able to create a delicious dip in no time.

Serve hoummus with flatbread, toasted pita bread or a variety of vegetables, e.g. cucumber, carrot, celery and red pepper, for a healthy snack, or serve it as a side dish to roasted lamb or chicken.

I like the texture of my hoummus to be pretty coarse. If you like it to be smoother, just process for a longer time.

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