Lavender shortbread biscuits

Lavender shortbread biscuits. A crumbling, crisp cookie with a taste summer. Perfect with a cup of tea.

In Denmark you see lots of lavenders, used as perennials, but we have no tradition of eating lavender. We know the smell but are not used to the taste.

A few years ago I had an apricot and lavender tart in Italy. I was quite fascinated by the flavours. Since I have a lot a lavenders in my garden, it was obvious to use them in my kitchen as well. I wanted to recreate the taste from Italy and I made this recipe. Little did I know, that lavender shortbread biscuits have been known for centuries and are quite famous all over the world.

I really like these biscuits. They remind me of holidays in France and Italy, of good times and the sound of bumblebees cruising the lavender flowers.

You can use dried or fresh lavender. If using the latter, pick the flowers that are purple but still not open. Always use pesticide free flowers.

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