Mussel risotto

Blue mussel risotto served with a light, airy mussel foam. A delicious dish with lots of blue mussels and intense flavour.

The reduced mussel jus is very intense. If you find it too intense, add a bit more cream. However, the intense, salty flavour is a perfect match for the silky smooth mussel risotto.

The mussel foam looks complicated but it is really easy to do with a handheld blender or just an ordinary whisk.

The risotto is made with lots of fennel and dill. A perfect match with shellfish.

Remember to take caution when handling mussels. Make sure you discard all mussels that are dead or have a broken shell. After cooking, discard all mussels that are still closed. If in doubt whether a mussel is dead or alive when cleaning it, try knocking it at the tabletop. If it is alive, the shell will close. Fresh mussels should always smell of the sea.

I recommend handling the mussels before and after to make sure all beards are removed.

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