Parsnip panna cotta with chips, hazelnut and herbs

Parsnip panna cotta with hazelnut, parsnip chips, beurre noisette (browned butter) and fresh chervil and sorrel. A beautiful vegetarian dish, perfect in the autumn and winter when parsnip is in season.

The dish looks really stunning and complicated, but it is quite easy to make. The parsnip panna cotta can be made a day in advance, as well as the toasted hazelnuts. That leaves you with making the parsnip chips, browning the butter and plucking the herbs.

The servings may seem small but panna cotta is quite rich, so don’t be tempted to make the portions larger. It is always better to leave people longing for more than the other way round.

Parsnip is quite sweet and goes really well with hazelnut. Beurre noisette has a nutty flavour and is therefore a perfect match. However, in order not to make the dish overly rich, lemon juice is added to the browned butter and fresh sorrel is used as a garnish.

Be careful with the gelatin. You want the panna cotta silky smooth and soft, not a hard lump. In Denmark each leaf of gelatin weighs 1,7 gram but since I am not sure gelatin leaves are the same size, the recipes states the weight as well. If you want to do a vegetarian dish use a substitute equivalent to gelatin, e.g. agar-agar, but check up on the quantity.

If you want to know how this recipe was made, read Savoury Panna Cotta on the blog.

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