Parsnip soup

Creamy parsnip soup with creme fraiche, toasted almonds and freshly ground pepper. A real autumn dish with full focus on the delicate flavours of parsnip.

The soup is made of few ingredients and is really easy to make. It takes 30-60 minutes to make the soup but most of the time, the soup doesn’t need any attention.

Parsnip soup can be made ahead time e.g. the day before you need it. Store the soup in the fridge and warm it through gently before serving.

This parsnip soup is served with sour cream and almonds but vary it any way you like. Try serving it with small pieces of bacon and chives or a piece of steamed white fish and chervil.

If you don’t grow your own parsnips or know what to look for, it can be hard to tell the diffence between parsnip and parsley root. To learn more about parsnip and parsley root click here.

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