Pea and mint risotto

Pea and mint risotto – a delicious, welltasting and aromatic dish which easily becomes a dinnertime favorite in the spring and early summer. Peas have that beautiful, green flavour, only to be found in the Spring and early Summer. Mint is very refreshing, aromatic and flavoursome.

Peas and mint are a perfect match often used in cooking, especially in England.

Use any kind of mint you like. I prefer spearmint. It is very intense but at same time quite mild. I have tried peppermint but the smell and taste reminds me of toothpaste. It is estimasted that there are more than 600 varieties of mint, so pick your favorite.

Pea and mint risotto is real comfort food. Try it with a glass of white wine on a summer day and I bet, you will feel at ease straight away.

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