Pickled beetroot

Pickled beetroot is found in almost every Danes fridge. As small children we learn to eat the pickled beets on liver paté, and they are an important part of the Danish open sandwiches known as smørrebrød.

The Danish climate is perfect for growing root vegatables and beetroots have been pickled for centuries.

Pickled beetroot goes really well with cold cuts of meat, all kinds of patés, brawn and dishes with intense, dark flavours like braised ox cheeks.

It is really easy to pickle beetroots. It takes about an hour but leave the beets for another four weeks before starting eating them. Only then, are the flavours intensified.

Use ordinary red beets. You can use striped or yellow beets but the colours quickly disappears, and you are left with small chunks of beige beets – not very appealing.

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