Potato salad with feta and olives

Potato salad, Mediterranean style, with lots af feta cheese, olives, green beans and a vinaigrette dressing. Perfect as a side dish for lamb, chicken or grilled meat.

This is a salad, my mother often made when I was a child. I don’t know where she found the inspiration for the salad. She has never been near the Mediterranean but she has made the salad, as far as I can remember.

This potato salad is one of my favorite potato salads. It is full of flavour, satisfying and a bit acidic. Opposed to a potato salad made on mayonnaise, the vinaigrette dressing counteracts the fatty cheese and the potato salad feels light and healthy.

I like my potatoes with the peel on but feel free to peel them either before or after boiling.

Start making the salad when the potatoes are still lukewarm. Let them steep in the vinaigrette until cooled down but don’t put the potatoes in the fridge.

Any leftovers are perfect for lunch or dinner the day after. Store in fridge.

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