Red berry pudding with cream

Red berry pudding with cream – if there ever was a Danish national dessert this is it. We eat it every summer and it has been made like this for more than 100 years. The taste is wonderful but I guess we also love the pudding as much due to the red and white colours which are similar to our flag.

The taste of sweet berries and cold cream brings back memories to all Danes and the dish reminds us of our grand parents who often made this dessert.

The fruit and berries vary with season and selection. If you are not able to get a hold of rhubarb or redcurrant try raspberries or blackcurrant instead. The redcurrant, however, adds a bit of needed acidity.

Remember to adjust the amount of sugar with the sweetness of the berries. You don’t want it oversweet.

Bonus info: Red berry pudding with cream is called “Rød grød med fløde” in Danish. Such a simple sentence for all Danes but impossible for foreigners to pronounce. Should you ever visit Denmark, you can be quite sure that Danes will try to get you to pronounce it – just for the fun of it.

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