Rhubarb schnapps

Beautiful and delicious rhubarb schnapps made of rhubarb, sugar and spirit. A drink that tastes of summer – even in the winter if it last that long.

Rhubarb schnapps is made of neutral schnapps or vodka enhancing all the wonderful rhubarb flavours. You can add a vanilla pod, a cinnamon stick or a piece of ginger, if you want a more complexe flavour but be careful with the quantities in order not the loose the very fine taste of rhubarb.

It takes 3 to 4 weeks to make a rhubarb schnapps and the redder the rhubarb the more beautiful colour. This drink is relatively sweet, so adjust the quantities of sugar if you like less sweet drinks.

The schnapps will keep for a year but the colour will fade in time.

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