Rice pudding

Danish rice pudding is made of rice and whole milk. It is eaten hot with sugar, cinnamon and a knob of cold butter and typically served with a very sweet beer.

Rice pudding can be eaten all year round, and I know in many contries they do but for some reason this pudding is eaten mainly in December in Denmark.

Danes associate rice pudding with Christmas, and Danish folklore describes how the Christmas gnomes are kept happy with a bowl of pudding. We even have a childrens song about it.

Many Danes eat rice pudding the evening before Christmas Day. It marks the start of Christmas and any leftovers are used to make the national Danish Christmas Dessert risalamande.

Younger children often drink a red berry juice with rice pudding but grown ups and older children drink nisseøl (gnomes beer) – a very, very sweet beer mainly to be found in shops around Christmas time. The alcohol content is only 1,7% and therefore many children are allowed a small glass of beer the night before Christmas Eve.


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