Spinach tart with pine nuts

Spinach tart with pine nuts is a variety of a well known classic quiche and the classic flavours are still there: Spinach, garlic, egg and cheese. This tart, however, has lots of nutmeg in it. Usually nutmeg is used in small quantities in Denmark but inspired by a trip to Bologna, Italy, where they use a lot of nutmeg, I have started using larger quantities and I love it.

Nutmeg has always been a perfect match with spinach and, I find, the more the merrier. Especially when the nutmeg is accompanied by parmesan cheese.

This recipe is based on using a shortcrust pastry made of whole wheat but use any shortcrust pastry you like.

If you cannot get a hold of spinach, use chard or ground elder. Ground elder is delicious in the spring when the leaves are small and juicy. A perfect way to get rid of the annoying garden weed.

Serve spinach tart with a green salad or a piece of salmon. For a easy dinner place a piece of salmon in a oven proof dish. Season with salt and pepper, then cover with tin foil. When the spinach tart is about 15 minutes from done, place the salmon in the oven. Depending on size the salmon should be done in 15-18 minutes. Sprinkle with fresh herbs like dill, chervil and chives and serve with the tart.


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